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Declaration regarding our policies on quality, the environment and safety

Our company, Workstar Personaldienstleistungen GmbH, guarantees that safety, health protection, environmental conservation and our customers’ satisfaction are our major concerns governing all actions taken in all corporate fields of work.

Maximum safety, optimum health protection, extensive environmental conservation, top quality of our services, our customers’ satisfaction and optimum economic efficiency are all goals of equal value pursued by our company.

In order to fulfil our contractual obligations towards our customers, and to plan, carry out and supervise all business-relevant activities our company integrates two management systems.

To maintain our high quality standard and guarantee customer satisfaction we have integrated the ISO 9001 managementy system.

For our staff’s health and the related issue of work safety, we have integrated the SCP management system.

We try to strengthen our position as a company through innovation and constant optimisation of technical and organisational processes.

In order to be successful regarding safety, environmental conservation and high quality of our services, all employees of the company must act in a highly committed, competent and responsible manner. For that purpose, the company’s executives and operatives are trained and examined accordingly. Each employee of our company must serve as a role model for safety, health protection and environmental conservation through his/her personal behaviour.

It is of utmost importance to us that personal injuries at and on the way to work be avoided at all costs. No job is important enough to risk accidents. The safety of third parties and non-employees of the company is equally important as our employees’ own safety. Material damages must be avoided to the same extent as personal damages. For that purpose, priorities in work, health and environmental protection are set in all corporate areas of work. We highlight our efforts to continually improve in these areas through active CIP, continuing education of our employees on a personal level and frequent establishment of SCC action plans.

It is our top managers’ responsibility to guarantee that our management systems are maintained, submit regular reports on the performance of the systems and necessary improvements (e.g. by carrying out internal audits) and promote corporate awareness to fulfil our customers’ wishes and needs.

Vienna, September 2012