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Wir suchen

New opportunities

What does Workstar offer you?

As soon as you come to see us you will notice that we take our time: to counsel you and search the ideal job for you. It will soon become clear whether we can offer you to work for Workstar or find a permanent placement for you with a company directly.

Regardless of which career opportunity you choose, you can be absolutely assured that it is the perfect way for you.

You will quickly overcome any prejudice you may hold with regard to temping. Working at Workstar stars! We standardly offer fair wages and social benefits.

In addition, as a member of Workstar’s staff you enjoy the same level of social security as any other employee. Naturally, our client projects vary in duration. However, compared to past practice a clear tendency towards longer projects can be perceived so that we now work for up to 6 months and, in some cases, even more than a year.


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