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What qualifications do our staffs have?

We choose our qualified professionals and skilled workers on the labour market according to a specified set of criteria. You must have several years of practical experience and be familiar with all working techniques and practices currently used. You are constantly trained, informed and motivated. The end of a project frequently marks the beginning of long-term cooperation or permanent employment.

How reliable are our members of staff?

For Workstar customer satisfaction has always been our primary concern. That is why after every project we ask our clients to provide us with a qualified evaluation. We are proud of the fact that the results of these evaluations, which focus on professional skills, a high degree of commitment and reliability, are always very positive.

Why do qualified professionals and skilled workers opt for temping?

Temping is the most modern form of work and one of the few sectors that are currently growing. Our members of staff profit from a large variety of assignments, varying job sites and flexible working hours.

Given the necessary time to familiarize with the job, can external staff be cost-efficient?

Due to our professional and social know-how, we at Workstar are capable of choosing exactly the right person for the position that you need to fill.

How do Workstar members of staff get paid?

Workstar provides the right staff at the right time – which enables you to be more flexible in personnel planning. You pay the hourly wages as contractually laid down, which depends on the kind of work and the skills you require from our staff.

How does Workstar guarantee the necessary skills of its staff?

For us at Workstar it is of utmost importance to offer high quality. Continuous training seminars ensure that each of our members of staff is fully up-to-date on current developments. In order to meet our clients’ high demands we conduct in-depth interviews with each candidate, assessing his/her professional and personal suitability. We carefully test and vet each candidate’s individual skills. The results obtained in this way are summed up in the qualification profile. This enables you to gain the most accurate impression possible of your future employee!

How quickly can I obtain personnel to support my team?

Workstar draws from a large pool of qualified professionals and skilled workers. Therefore, we are able to supply you with highly skilled personnel without any considerable delay. We have no minimum duration of work.

Of course, you are free to hire our staff again. After completion of a project you may also choose to offer permanent employment. Please let us know when it is clear before the start of a project that a job may potentially turn into a permanent position later on.

What happens if I am not satisfied with a member of staff provided by Workstar?

Before every new project we work together with you to establish your requirements and choose the right person for the job. If, despite sufficient qualifications, he/she is not the right person for the assignment, your team or your business, you are free, of course, to dismiss him/her. In this case, we will provide another skilled worker or qualified professional as soon as possible.

Do Workstar staff enjoy social security?

Yes, the staff working for Workstar have a permanent work contract. As a result, they receive all standard social benefits such as public pension scheme, unemployment insurance, health insurance, etc.

Do you have any further questions that have not been answered here? Please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.